Kapil Sharma and “Tell Tail”

Happy to see Kapil Sharma? Well what you just saw is the 1st year anniversary issue of the Pune based pet magazine aptly called “Tell Tail”. Incidentally, Kapil Sharma is a huge dog lover and his dog Zanjeer is also featured with him in the magazine. A Google search shows pictures of Zanjeer with Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Rekha, Shahid Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor and so on 🙂 Clearly a celebrity dog along with his celebrity master.

Kapil Sharma-the man who is the current reigning king of comedy also has a golden heart. Zanjeer is a retired police dog whom Kapil Sharma has adopted and I found Kapil Sharma’s message for pet parents particularly touching. He says, “Be honest because pets believe in you. Don’t break their trust. Don’t abandon them else they will die of heartbreak.”

Kapil Sharma on the cover of Tell Tail

To tell you more about Tell Tail-this Pune based quarterly also talks about parenting trends, lifestyle stories, health tips, grooming musts, busting myths and highlighting facts on the fun part of pet parenting,

The person behind it is my dear friend, pet parent and journalist, Uma Karve Chakranarayan who blended her passion and her profession beautifully to launch Tell Tail, the smart petzine in May last year. Among the most popular pages are those dedicated to children where they are encouraged to write and given interesting DIY ideas. You can get in touch with Uma on 98220-63208 or check out the FB page of Tell Tail at https://www.facebook.com/TellTailMagazine?ref=ts&fref=ts.

Uma Karve-the person behind Tell Tail

Tell Tail also has recipes, experiences of pet parents, information on new products and much more. Going beyond dogs and cats as pets, Tell Tail regularly includes features on other pets like birds, Guinea pigs, etc. Subscriptions are available for the very reasonable Rs 500 in Pune and Rs 650 for subscribers based out of Pune which makes an annual subscription the perfect gift for pet parents or for friends.

What I really love about Tell Tail is that it encourages adoption of homeless animals and supports the fact one must pamper pets but discipline them too, just like children. 🙂 Also I was also on the cover of this wonderful mag a few months back and on an end note do check out the cover with me too.

All you animal lovers-have you got your copy yet? 🙂

Me on the cover of Tell Tail

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