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This week I bring to you some fun pics of my son and I spending quality time with each other. Since we chose not to have any help to look after our son, he ends up going with us wherever we go. He has grown up the last few years extremely adjusting and patient with all our travels and adventures. Touch Wood.

Travel Dressing:- I remember the first Road Trip we did with him was when he was all of 9 months. He was an absolute angel despite finding his first set of teeth and the extensive period we spent on the road. He had an absolute blast and is truly a memorable trip for us.


Mommy’s Wearing – Maternity Jeans from Mothercare
Maroon Top – Mom and Me
Aedans Wearing – Blue onesie from Mothercare and Red Jumper again from Mothercare.

Outdoorsy:- This pic is from NH 7 Weekender 2013. Aedan was all of 3, and it was his first experience to a Live Music Festival and he enjoyed it to the fullest. It was organised well with a lot of free space so Aedan played around and made quite a few photographer friends.


Mommy’s Wearing – Neon Pink Pants from GAP, Black Halter from G.K M Block, Accessories – Vero Moda, Pink Glitter Ballerinas – Much More, Sunnies – Aldo
Aedan’s Wearing Jeans – Mothercare, Tee – Gifted

Meditation and Peace Time:- Since I practice Buddhism Aedan also has been initiated into it. He attends a lot of meetings with me and also sits down to chant with me. And unlike his naughty self, he actually is quiet and calm when I am meditating.


Mommy and Aedan are both wearing tees – UCB, my Jeans – Only and Aedans shorts – People

Lunching with Friends:- I love getting out during the day in winters. It’s pleasant and the Sunshine is such a welcome. Since we were invited for a Christmas Lunch I got to wear my favourite combo – White & Red. Since, White is a complete No for my little brat I choose Beige which too I love with Red. I had shopped for this Maxi Online and it had been lying in my wardrobe coz I just couldn’t find the right occasion. Guess, I did justice to it finally.


Mommy’s Wearing a White Linen Maxi – Vero Moda, White Shoulder Bag – Esbeda, Red Kitten Heels – Catwalk.
Aedan’s Wearing – Shirt – Mumbai, Beige Pants – H&M, Shoes – Mothercare.

Beachwear:- Since we love holidays and do get out a lot, we decided to do a random road trip to Goa. It was also supposed to be Aedan’s first experience of the Beach. However, since we went off season the Beaches were closed due to high tide. 😒 Bummer it was. Nevertheless, we spent all our time in the resort’s pool. Aedan is a complete water baby and he thoroughly enjoyed.


Aedan and Mommy both wearing costumes – Speedo

Since Aedan loves running around and being outdoors we channelled him towards sports. So thanks to him I get to be a cool Soccer Mom. He loves to play football and we also take him to watch soccer and cricket matches. 😀


Traditional-Yes, sometimes we like to get all dressed up. Although, Aedan is not too much of a fan of ethnic wear yet I do shop Kurtas for him once in a while. I mostly buy from Westside and for really formal occasions Fab India is a favourite.


Mommy’s Wearing a Blue Bandhani Crepe Saree – MeenaBazaar, Halter back Maroon and Green Lehenga – Swiped from Mom’s Silk Collection, Green Kurta – Boutique
Aedan’s Wearing Maroon Kurta – Westside, White Kurta – Gifted

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