What I’m Reading

Parvati Vaze

Sometime back, I read this book called “What would you do to save the world?” which is a wonderful book by a beauty pageant contestant from the Miss India contest. She’s written a behind the scenes account of her journey right from her selection to participate in the contest till the finals and the announcement of the winners. There are also thinly veiled references and hilarious descriptions of her experiences with all the celebrities she meets on the way.

Similarly, there is another book called “Bombay Duck is not a Duck” which is written by an Assistant Director to Farah Khan for the movie “Om Shanti Om”. Just read this one book to know what life behind the camera in Bollywood is really like. Any true Bollywood fan will be able to immediately tell, when she is referring to Deepika Padukone, SRK, Sonam Kapoor (who was another AD on the sets) and a certain Mr Rampal whom according to the book (and some reliable gossip) she had an affair with. This book is fascinating, tongue in cheek and a interesting must read.

The above two books are from the fashion industry and Bollywood respectively. I however started my career in advertising and when Ipomea Arjuna published her book, “Conviction of Absoluteness” I couldn’t wait to pick it up. That’s what I’m reading nowadays and that’s my sister, Parvati Vaze who is also a model and actor like me the picture. Watch this space for when I finish reading and if you are interested in a candid, behind the scenes look at the fashion or advertising industry or Bollywood, you know where to get that from. Write in and tell me whether you could recognise all the celebrities mentioned in these books and also what you think. 🙂


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