Pink Scribbles Comes Visiting

The first of our guest bloggers,Payal Shankar is with us for the next 5 weeks. Her first blog post below….

Pink Scribbles

A self confessed Fashionista Mom tagged the Photo Queen by her friends! I love to express my thoughts about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Parenting not particularly in that order! 😊

Payal Shankar

Since I decided to be a stay at home mom, blogging professionally was the prefect choice and it’s been a wonderful journey so far! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!
What happens when you become a mom but refused to let go of your inherent style and wanting to be fashionable at all times. Well, enter fashionista mommy blogger.. So this is how I started out my blog journey.

After my son was born, of course post partum 😉 I ensured that I was always well turned out whenever we headed out. It was difficult initially but I got better with time. And the biggest thrill was that I had to do it all for work. Yes, I finally got lucky with my dream job of writing for my blog and getting clicked. 🙂


I had two advantages:-
First and extremely supportive husband who ensured I took time out for myself whether it was hitting the gym or going to a spa or even a regular parlour visit. This gave me lot of ME time and made my journey into a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger more and more enjoyable and worth every penny.
Secondly, I had quit working once I conceived which enabled me to enjoy my pregnancy, do a lot of things which I never got a chance earlier coz of work and I was mentally prepared to enjoy my baby to the fullest.

Payal and Aeden

Having said that not everyone is lucky to be able to quit work or have a supportive husband so a baby can pose as a challenge and a huge responsibility. However, there are some things that one can do if you want to start off as a Mommy Blogger:-

• Take out at least 1 hour for yourself everyday – Believe you me its not hard at all when you plan well. Be it morning or evening that time should be exclusively kept aside for doing something that you really enjoyed doing before your baby was born. It helps you keep sane and enables you to go on handling your new responsibilities more positively. For me personally it is Reading and Pampering myself. Even if it is a page I read it and then go to bed. Luckily, it’s become easier as my son sleeps early so I get time post that.

• Baby and You – Your work is one aspect of your life. And especially if you are a mom, the initial years have to be dedicated to your little one if you have the option of working from home. I try and finish all that I can when my son is in school so that once he is back I can give him my 100% time and attention. And once he is off to bed I resume work again if I have any energy left after handling a hyper active boy. 😉 Jokes apart, I always stress on prioritising. Keep your goals and focus simple and clear.

Plan Ahead, Plan Well – II make lists and more lists but mostly unable to strike off all by EOD. Well, what the heck?? I just make another one. For example – You know you are heading out for dinner. No harm in cooking your baby’s dinner earlier, thus getting that additional time for yourself. Or perhaps going for a quick blow dry session so that you have one less thing to worry about. For me I always decide on what I am going to wear beforehand. It really saves time and last minute delays or wardrobe faux pas.


• Health & Beauty Regime – Let’s face it. We aren’t getting any younger. So unless we are blessed we will have issues with our body and skin. Understand yourself and work on your weakness and highlight your strengths. I make sure I work out at least for an hour 5 times a week. Apart from Monthly parlour sessions I also follow a routine at home to take good care of myself. I usually don’t get professionals to shoot me as my schedule is dependent on my son. Also, I love to have a natural and slightly imperfect element in my pics coz I write mostly my experiences and the aim is to connect with the everyday woman who is or could be in my shoes.
• Meditate – You don’t have to be a saint or in isolation to connect with your innermost thoughts. Even if one can sit down for a little time and reflecton what your day has been like and what can you to make tomorrow more productive, it gives a fresh perspective and you feel re-energised to keep going.I practice Buddhism which has been life changing and very introspective for me.


• Relax once in a while – My favourite saying is “There is no Right or Wrong”! And this is coming from someone who has severe OCD and is a hyper person. But I too take it easy sometimes. I don’t want to write or I don’t feel like cooking or clearing up I just tell myself it’s OK. I’ll do it tomorrow. After all Tomorrow will be a Brand New Day!

For me these simple hacks keep me going and I am Loving and Living my Journey as a Mommy Blogger. 🙂

P.S – Watch this space for more of me. Coming up next week – Munchkin and Me Fun Times!!! 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on pinkscrib and commented:
    Extremely happy to collaborate with my gorgeous friend Sampada Vaze. She is a Model, Actor and an Entreprenuer. Do check out her blog where she shares her love for travel and writes about everything niche and luxurious.

    My first post on – How I started off as a Mommy Blogger.
    Hope you guys like it.

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