Country of Origin-Sin City for the Gourmets…enough said :-)

Ok, now this is one time i could just get lazy-post dozens and dozens of mouth-watering pics, point you in the right direction and sit right back with my Expresso Molten Chocolate Cup (from COO of course)….but then……I shan’t do that-firstly because I want to tell you not just about COO’s culinary inventions but also about the labour of love that has gone into them.



Country of Origin is the not so tiny gourmet food boutique with a fantabulous in house patisserie. Its the baby of Kiran Salaskar- whom am sure most of you remember as one of the core team behind Salt Water Cafe’ and Salt Water Grill in Mumbai, the Smoke House Deli’s in Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai, the Stone Water Grill in Pune (which is my personal favourite) and ALL the Mocha brands.

So coming back to COO, the reason I went there initially was their cake jars (which is literally cake in a jar). You might be seeing them everywhere nowadays but Kiran was the first one to come up with them (as reported on less) and you can get them in more than half a dozen delicious flavours ( all of which I tried btw) including my favourites-the red velvet and the Shwarzwalder Kirschtorte.


My eye as always was drawn to the unusual and that’s when I spotted the Hot Chocolate Spoons-that you stir into a cup of steaming milk (I tried the Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate-yumm), the Liquid Chocolate Syringes-(exactly what it sounds like) and the Profiteroles with creme fillings which are the perfect individual sized desserts.


While telling us about the desserts he is particularly proud of including the Kirschtorte , Kiran explained how there is a LOT of trial and error that goes into creating these cute little dessert jars, chocolate spoons and all the other unusual desserts that he’s come up with. Now that’s a job I definitely wouldn’t complain about-all you have to do is eat your mistakes and start again (in this instance i am assuming thats what they do :-))


Kiran’s future plans for COO include experimenting with an Indian range of sweets-just in time for Diwali. So if next time you hear of some exotic flavoured rassgullas or gulab-jamuns, you know where it’s coming from-after all this was also the place where I sampled Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Modaks during Ganesh Chaturthi (seen in pic above)

I just can’t end this piece without mentioning Kiran’s lovely wife- Sandali who is the reason I met Kiran in the first place. I first met her eons ago in Switzerland in the chilly chilly climes of Interlaken in December when she was shooting a feature film for Anubhav Sinha and i was shooting a music video (If you think actresses have it easy, imagine running around in a sari or a tiny skirt in Zero Degree temperatures and having to look happy AND attractive while doing that, but that’s a story for another day :-p)

While signing off must tell you that COO is currently at their flagship store in Nepean Sea Road, in Bandra opp the Salt Water Cafe’ of course and at the Sun-n-Sand Hotel in Juhu. If you havnt already been there, you need to. On a off school day you might just find Kiran’s son behind the counter-beware he is 6 yrs old and very strict. :-)-(you can spot him in the picture below)

And that, my friends is exactly what COO is all about, warmth and some fabulous fabulous indulgence for your taste buds.




For more, pls visit their FB page at

2 responses to “Country of Origin-Sin City for the Gourmets…enough said :-)

  1. Hi Sampada,
    I will definitelt try out COO after reading the above… And ‘cake in a jar’!! Thats such a fab idea.. cant wait to get my hands on one!!

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