What I’m Wearing This Week

Am super excited to be writing this post on fashion. First of all- not only has it been a while since I last wrote on fashion but this time Jyotsna is actually from the fashion industry-but on the other side of the camera this time. She is one of those people who is responsible for setting fashion trends-yup, thats right. She currently heads Women’s Wear-Casuals for Pantaloons and before this was the Head of Design at Done by None-the quirkily titled and increasingly popular online fashion brand.

So Jyo (as her friends call her) has just moved from Delhi to Bombay and not only was this her first week on the job-it was also her first week after relocating to Bombay. But inspite of that she did manage to take out time for us and here we have Jyo and her urban chic dress sense-Monday to Friday.

photo (1)_750x500_scaled_cropp

On Monday, she beat the Monday blues by wearing mustard coloured corduroy’s from Urban Outfitters and a mustard coloured top from Forever 21. The jacket is from Promod and the scarf from Camden Town, London. The shoes are from Done by None.


Tuesday she wore a peplum dress from Koovs and the footwear is from Aldo.


Wednesday, Jyotsana went with a retro look-with denims made by her, neon top by Promod,mesh cape by a botique in California called Prjct 5750,the fedora from Uniqlo and ballerinas from Done by None.


Thursday she went with a skater skirt from Done by None again, a tank from Promod and footwear from Aldo.


On Friday she headed out with friends for drinks after work in city shorts by Object, a tee from H&M,arm jewellery from Aldo and charm-her own.


Jyotsana had the perfect end to the weekend since she managed to take off to Goa for a quick two day break. Here we see her in Goa mode in cut offs from Calvin Klein, a tee from Forever 21, a bag from Louis Vuitton and flip-flops from Old Navy.


And the last is her Sunday look-with denims from silver jeans, tank from Guess, camisole from Forever 21, scarf from Uniqlo and sunglasses from Calvin Klein.


Oh yes,if you notice a marked resemblance to Kangana Ranaut or if Jyo looks familiar-you’re not off the mark- Jyo is the hot (albeit pregnant :-)) girl in the Nestle commercials which were all over TV last year. As always feel free to write in/comment/ask questions or tell us what you think of Jyo’s style.

Over and Out-Love and hugs to all 🙂

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