‘The Gentlemen’s Code’ – Kawaljit Anand on India’s fav Fashion Websites for men

The Fashion section this week features Kawaljit Anand-Mr India World 2007 and one of the top 10 in the Mr World that year. You’ve seen him on your TV screens in a flood of ads as well as walking the ramp for almost all the biggie Indian designers AND also international labels Hugo Boss and Ermenegildo Zegna. Ladies, he is single 😉 and I will be uploading a LOT more yummy pics of his so thats incentive for you to tune in too!


The reason I chose Kawaljit (Kawal to friends) is because not only is he one of the best dressed guys I know-he is also quite the fashion statement maker who blends international brands with Indian sensibilities (After all he chose to wear a Sherwani instead of a suit in the finals of Mr World).

Kawal and I also have an interesting history-we both met on the sets on our very first music video when we were both just starting off. The shooting of the music video itself was a comedy of errors. we still laugh about it so many years later-among other incidents-we were running around through a maze of hedges in the burning Hyderabad sun for 2 hours unnecessarily since the camera never managed to capture us in there. There was also a scene in which the boys had to pull by rope a jeep in which all the girls were sitting (no petrol or petrol too expensive 😀 no idea what the logic was). I also remember that one or more people fell off (literally) from the so called college walls (since all sets have railings and walls made of cardboard in Ramoji Film City) And not just that, the junior artists (who were playing the other college students) did not understand a word of English or Hindi but only Telegu so there was no language they had in common with the directors-which meant that at any time they were enacting a completely diff script than us models :-p The video shoot in itself may have been a ghastly experience but the only good part was that I met two of my closest friends on that shoot. So me, Kawal (nick name) and Rosy (another famous model also there in the video and is the current Kamasutra model in case anyone needs a quick reference of who she is ;-)) met on the shoot, and have stayed firm friends ever since-giving each other (mostly unsolicited) relationship advise, helping each other recover from binges (only then, now we all reformed :-), fighting a lot but there for each other always

Kawaljit takes a look at some of the most popular fashion websites for men and does a critique of which ones are hot and which are not. So here goes and yes, as always feel free to mail in..


So the first on the list was http://www.elitify.com. It’s got a extensive range right from clothes to accessories and also offers gadgets, arts and also helps you find the elusive perfect “gift for her” also. The layout and the navigation is simple and un cluttered and they’ve got help at hand to enable to find out what’s in fashion as well as the perfect fit with a in house concierge service. This one is definitely for the fashion advanced since it offers everything from cuff links to ‘espadrilles’. I give this almost a 5 on 5 and yes in case you don’t know what the last word means, do go online and they shall explain ALL. Tomorrow, coming up for review the interestingly titled ‘bhane.com’


Bhane.com is the best possible place for separates-you can pick up shirts or trousers, khakis, denims, jackets or whatever. For the first time online shopper, there is a very easy guide to even help you figure out what size you should be wearing. The price range is very reasonable and if you’re looking for daily wear-whether casual or otherwise this site is a must visit.


The next website, mrbutton.in was truly impressive. Their landing page says, that at the heart of their brand is “their passion for fit & structure” and then they go on to prove it. You can buy EVERYTHING here-blazers, trousers and shirts and all made to fit. Custom tailoring and custom design is what they are all about and this one is for the connoisseurs out there-those who like to dress as well as they eat.


The last two websites up for review were-“Bombayshirts.com” which is the modern revamped version of the old fashioned neighbourhood ‘Darzi’ but does one better- you can customise everything right down to the fabric, the cuff, the collar of your shirt and even get it monogrammed. Not just that they they also have cool, trouble saving features like saving your measurements once you have ordered with them so the next time you log in you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting measured again while still getting your shirt customised. Their “travelling tailors” even come to the home or the office as per requirement, bring along the fabric, measure you up and help you with your choices.

“Fetise.com” was the last on our list. It’s the perfect place to buy innerwear, personal care products, shoes and watches. They even have extremely trendy looking kurtas and cuff links and clothing in a whole lot of interesting brands including Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren.

Hope this review of India’s fav fashion websites for men was helpful. Do feel free to mail in with your comments and feedback.

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