“The Other Brother”-A Week in the life of Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur

So today is the start of a brand new section-I called it All Stars bcoz duh…obviously bcoz every person featuring in this section is a star-whether in front of the camera or behind it. 🙂

I am starting of this section with Sangeet and Siddharth and its perfect timing to feature them. Not only are they fresh from the sucess of hit songs in both “Murder 2” and the Bipasha starrer “Aatma”, but their next big film as music directors, “HUM HAIN RAHI CAR KE” releases this Friday-(thank The Lord that there is no numerology in the title-extra couple of stars in my review just for that ;-)) Just in case, anyone has missed the adorable Dev Goel (we attended the same dance class a while ago-you absolutely rocking it, Dev by the way :-)) and Adah Sharma in the promos-you absolutely couldn’t have missed Sanjay Dutt and Juhi Chawla too in the same film.


So the film releases this Friday (May 24th) and if like me you came out cringing after making the mistake of watching “Shootout at Wadala” with your mom or other family members :-p please go and watch HHRCK with your kids, parents etc, it’s a family film guys!

But back to Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur. If you have been following the evolution of the pop music scene in India right since from the entry of MTV and Channel V in India-you’ve have heard of the Haldipur brothers for sure. When I first met Siddharth-more than half a dozen years ago BOTH him and Sangeet were part of India’s most famous (and coincidently rival) bands. Sangeet was part of “Aasma” one of India’s very first bands which was formed after a nationwide hunt by Channel V-and all televised and telecast as part of the reality show-“Channel V Popstars” Yup, that was the Big Daddy of all music reality shows, people-these guys been there, done that before everyone else 🙂

So anyway, we managed to pin them down and get them followed around for one full week. The week was action packed so belt up and here we go.

Last Thursday, they spent most of the day at a promotional event of HHRCK where we caught them with the lead pair of the film-Dev Goel (I told you about him earlier too) and Adah Sharma.


On Friday, they spent most of the day with a bit of music composition at home for their upcoming films.


Saturday post work the boys split up and Siddharth headed with a bunch of friends to book advance tickets for HHRCK and to Nando’s for dinner post that. While Sid was consuming the calories :-p Sangeet was burning them off 🙂 and he is pictured here in the gym with a friend, director Rishabh Seth


Sunday was a fun day because they caught up with friends including Kailash Kher for a game of cricket.


On Monday, we found them at a another recording session with Shaan for an upcoming Marathi film. In the pic here with Shaan and the director of the film-Vishal Gaikwad. The film is called “Runh” and stars Narayani Shastri and Manoj Joshi.


On Tuesday it was a long day for them-it wasnt pack up time till a tiring 3am that night. They had a recording session for “Nasha”-a film by Amit Saxena (of Jism fame). Pictured here just post the song recording with Amit and lyricist Radhika Anand. By the way, “Nasha” releases in July and is the first Bollywood film by a known hottie-any guesses as to who it is? 😉


Today on Wenesday, it was back to the studios for a song recording by Sangeet (he’s also sung for the chartbusting “Tujko Bhulana” from Murder 2 by the way). A link to the YouTube video for the song-which stars Sangeet also along with Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez is attached below.



So that was one action packed week in the life of celebrity music composer duo-Sangeet and Siddharth. Not as easy as it looks people, it’s hard work!

Mail in if you have any questions for them or need any tips from them (possibly the budding creative people out there?) and don’t forget to watch HHRCK this weekend. AND remember the names- Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur-you’re going to be hearing them a LOT more in the future- that’s for sure! 🙂

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