“I saw you across a crowded train and it was love at first sight”-….Really?


Wikipedia defines Missed Connections as “an occurrence where two or more people are unable to exchange contact information or the information that is exchanged is lost. These missed connections are generally associated with romance and some people through the use of publications and websites seek to reconnect with their missed connection”

Now that we have the technical definition out of the way, it’s time to move on to the next episode of SS. This post is about missed connections and is for all my single (or about to be single :-p) friends. All of us have grown up fuelled on a steady diet of Mills & Boon romances and DDLJ stories about how complete chance can lead to meeting the love of your life and/or life-changing-love blah blah blah. Can this happen? Sure, has happened with me. Do I believe in it- yup, possibly! Would I go and hunt down down a random tall dark handsome stranger whom I met on a rainy night? (Remember sizzling Sridevi in a sozzled-in-a-bar sequence and a barely-able-to-act-drunk Sunny Deol in Chalbaaz anyone? )-Naaah , that’s not me!

But anyway when I heard of Sophie Blackall who is based out of Brooklyn, New York and had used this premise to start her own blogspot dedicated to helping lost twin souls find each other, I was intrigued. I checked it out quickly and my attention was drawn right away to the home page with the absolutely sigh evoking introduction to the blog which goes “Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful posts on the Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I’m trying to pin a few of them down”…..


(For the men who are reading this and are bored of the OD on romance-hang in there-there’s a treat coming up for you at the end-I promise)

So the believers out there-do check out her blog (http://missedconnectionsny.blogspot.in/ ) or another similar one which has an Indian presence too ( http://www.lovetag.org/ ). And while we are on the subject of romance, take this opportunity to go and watch (yes, yet again, I absolutely insist) two of my personal favourite Bollywood movies on this topic-QSQT and Jab We Met. For those seeking the Hollywood fix try “Before Sunset” and “Before Sunrise” ( just for my Bacchus Inspired friends this does not refer to the lady in red you have in mind ), (or the cryptically :-p named) “Serendipity” or “Sliding Doors”.


And now we get to the part those cynical among us have been looking forward to. 🙂 While researching and almost (but not quite) teary eyed at the hearts, flowers and butterflies all around I stumbled upon this spoof of the Craigslist ads which sound similar but use the plots of a horror or action movies as a base.

So here goes, the Craigslist Missed Conections spoof that is inspired by “The Shining” goes, “Dear Gorgeous Brunette, You were standing outside my hotel room with a knife that night” 😀


The slightly lengthier one inspired by “Fight Club”which reads -“You were the girl at the group meeting last night. You had one pigtail going straight up on the top of your head, which is the opposite direction in which most girls wear pigtails. When I say most girls, I mean normal girls, not the girls in group, who usually don’t even have hair at all, so the direction of pigtails would be a silly thing to spend much time thinking about. I’m sorry, even writing this I’m nervous. Did I mention I have throat cancer? I do”

And my very personal favourite-the Craigslist ad inspired by “The Terminator” which goes “Hello! You were in our establishment on Monday night during my shift. You were the guy who ordered nothing, broke our window, and killed another customer before stealing a motorcycle. We really didn’t get much of a chance to talk. You seemed nice” 😀

All illustrations here are reproduced courtesy Sophie Blackall and her blog on Pinterest. Sophie clearly is a lady of many dimensions-she is currently in India in Uttar Pradesh as part of an UN initiative (no, no, the UN has not ( as yet ) started reuniting lost couples amongst its many good deeds :-p, she is here to immunise children). I am going to try and connect with her-will keep you all posted as to how that goes. I have absolutely no idea whom to thank for the movie posters so let me just clarify I have absolutely nothing to do with any of the movies. 🙂

For more of the Craigslist spoof, check out http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-craigslist-missed-connections-that-must-exist-in-movies/

And yes, would would love to hear your very own missed connection stories if any.

Love and peace and in the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger from of course “The Terminator”


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