Parvati Vaze – What I’m wearing this week

Those of you who follow me regularly, must have frequently heard the name Parvati. Well, to cut a long story short Parvati Vaze is my younger sister (I refuse to disclose how many years younger :-p) though soap opera fans will know her from her last TV show, “Sapnon Se Bhare Naina”. She has also studied fashion design from Canada and has her own edgy yet feminine sense of style. There just couldn’t be a better person than her for the launch of the fashion section of my blog. So here it is, “PARVATI VAZE” in “What I’m wearing this week”
Monday saw Parvati rushing to catch a flight to Chennai.  The top she is wearing is from American eagle, the skirt from Vero Moda and the  wedges from Charles and Keith

What she wearing in the picture is when headed out for Sunday brunch. The top is from GAP, the skirt is from Urban Behaviour, the necklace and bag is from ALDO and the shoes from Steve Madden. With her is her friend, Pallavi Purohit from the TV show, “Madhubala”. Pallavi is wearing a dress from Mineral.

Parvati will be sending us a new look every day this week. Keep following us for more and do tell us which is your fav look and why. There is a surprise gift in store for the best answer so go for it 🙂

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