The Man in the Skirt

Julius Macwan, The man in the Skirt, what can one say about him?

The Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club

Starting with the obvious, he is India’s bold new face of art. Julius is continuously pushing the boundaries of conventional culture, whether it be writing India’s first graphic novel (interestingly called Twister-and as the word goes, it is loosely based on the Mahabharata) to being turned away from the Vatican for wearing a skirt! (True story:-)

I recently organised an event with Julius, called ‘A Date with Art and Fantasy’. He donned a black crushed cotton skirt with a gold border and looked spectacular. As  unbelievable as it may sound he looked macho as well. I know a lot of male models/actors and people who make good clotheshorses but can’t think of anyone else who could have carried off a skirt with his panache, apart from of course, having the guts to wear a skirt at a public event.

The event was at his bungalow, which is called The Last Ship. ( bungalow description) At around eight p.m. the guests started walking in, only to be stunned by a life size sculpture of a coffin as soon as they entered. It is complete with a name, that’s ‘Magic’ and a birth date and death date as well! Right next to that are the moulds of one of his most memorable sculptures which look like a heart and the various organs attached.

A new age artist that he is, he had organised a home theatre system in one of the many open air terraces in his villa, to acquaint us with his art and philosophy; and to make sure we got to see his art in the size that it was intended to be seen in. It was interesting, provocative, varied and nothing that would ever blend into the background. He used to do watercolours, paint of course, sculptors too but what fascinated me the most was his portraits. One of the Bachhan family’s (commissioned by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla) is a X by X feet masterpiece.  Interestingly, there is an empty space right next to the  junior Bachhan, even though this was done way before the Ash effect in their lives!


Those who were there would remember this whirlwind, not to be missed, exciting season at the Congo club in Goa, then run by Malini Ramani. The place as I observed, was very rudimentary, just a huge flat space the size of a football ground with straw walls and yet, that season, it made it to the Conde Nast traveller magazine’s list, as one of the top 100 nightspot in the world! It was all because of this spectacular (100 ft) tall painting of Malini in an erotic dance pose. I still remember being captivated by it. That painting, was a Julius Macwan. Need I say more?

For the lucky few who can afford it and can interest him enough, (yes an important criteria) you now know where to get the next must-have gift for a loved one.


From left to right, Sameer, Julius and Sampada

From left to right, Sameer, Julius and Sampada


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